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We are reseller for seasonal product likes Planner and Money Packet. All are design and produce based on Malaysia identities. All items comes with standard quality and affordable price.  

There are also products in stationery and clothing section which are GENERIC / OEM / INSPIRED produced. These products are come with reasonable quality and sold at very affordable price. Therefore, please expect slight difference from what you see in pictures. In some rare cases, our products may have minor defects such as color variances, wrong printing and branding, missed stitching, color fade after washing or other tolerable defects. Most of this products are made in China and therefore workmanship may not be at the top of level. Please kindly understand this. If you are unable to accept it, then kindly DO NOT place your order here. However, if for reasonable reason you are not satisfied with the goods, you can return back the item to us and we will refund your money back if you agree to bear the postage charges. Before returning, please take time to read our return policy carefully. 

  1. Wrong Products
    Shall we send you any wrong products accidentally, the management has the rights to either replace it with the correct one or offer partial/full refund without replacement depending on customers cases.
  2. Product Defects
    Any products with major defects such as malfunction, big holes, spoil button, and etc. Only for these cases, we will bear two way postage cost (return and replace) depending on necessity, otherwise full refund will be offered without the need to return back the defect item to us. Shall we send you any wrong products accidentally, the management has the rights to either replace it with the correct one or offer partial/full refund without replacement depending on customers cases. Otherwise, for minor defects as mentioned above, we reserve the rights to demand customers to post back the defects item and we will refund your money back with return postage only. Any defects items received due to mishandled during transit or shipping (especially for fragile items), you have obligation to inform us within 24 hours time. Failure to do so, courier company will not entertain any claims from us for damaged item. Therefore the management has the rights to reject claim for any cases reported more than 24 hours time.
  3. Stock Availability
    All our stocks are live update unless stated PRE-ORDER. When you place order for certain products, our system will automatically deduct the stock for it while waiting for your payment. In some cases, stocks clash may occur whereby our system allows you to buy certain product but after making payment, the selected product or size may be unavailable. You would be advised to either change size, product or design in such problem otherwise refund will be given for that particular product. In the event whereby you did not respond to us regarding replacement, we have the right to refund you back your money and post out the remaining available items.
  4. Return
    If we send wrong item to you, then you can return it back to us. We will resend the correct item back to you upon receiving returned item(s). You should report the problem within 24 hours after receiving the products and return it within 3 days and the item must be in original condition (with tag and original packaging) when returning to us. 
    When your return request has been accepted (Customer may contact us via email, wasap or live chat), please pack and return your items (with original packaging and tagging) to us at our address: MOM ONLINE SHOP No. 114, Lorong Pristana Demak 5B, Jalan Bako, 93050 Kuching, Sarawak.
    IMPORTANT NOTES: Please ensure your ORDER NUMBER is clearly marked on the package. Failure to write will delay the return / refund process.
  5. Postage
    We only bear postage charges in cases where we WRONGLY send you any   items or DEFECTS cases. Otherwise, if you wish to exchange because want to change size or design or not satisfied with the items, then all postage charges  shall be borne by customer.
  6. Refund

    All refunds take up to 14 working days to process